Buy game credits with U Mobile

Price (RM) Steam Wallet Codes (RM)
7 5
13 10
26 20

How to purchase Steam Codes

  1. Click on Buy Now: Select the amount, then key in your U Mobile number and click Next

  2. Complete your purchase by sending an SMS with the TAC given to 28123.

  3. You will receive a message confirming your purchase.

  4. Your Steam codes will be sent to your smartphone via SMS.

Price (RM) Razer Gold
3 195
5 325
10 650
20 1300
30 1950
50 3250

How To Reload Razer Gold At Mobile Payment - U Mobile

  1. Visit Razer website and login to your Razer account. Don't have a Razer account? Click Register New Account to register.

  2. Go to, click on “Reload Now” under the menu and select U Mobile payment option.

  3. Enter your OTP number and click "Confirm". If you lost your phone, click backup codes to enter your backup code.

  4. Select available denominations and proceed with the payment.

  5. Enter your mobile number and click on "Proceed" to receive a PIN code through SMS.

  6. Enter the PIN code and click on "Verify PIN code and Purchase" to continue. PIN code is only valid upon request using U Mobile and will expire every 20 minutes.

  7. You have successfully reloaded your Razer Gold account. A receipt will be sent to your email or click Account Summary to view your account summary.

Price (RM) Garena Shells
10 142
20 285
30 428
50 714

How to purchase Garena Shells

  1. Go to, click on “Login” on the top right of the page, and choose to Login via Garena or Facebook

  2. Once logged in, click “Topup” and Select “U Mobile” to pay

  3. Choose denomination, key in phone number, and proceed to make payment

  4. Reply OTP SMS and click “Confirm”. Review transaction before exiting

Price (RM) PSN Cash Card
40 PSN RM30 Cash Card
65 PSN RM50 Cash Card
129 PSN RM100 Cash Card
56 PS Plus 3 Months
155 PS Plus 12 Months

How to purchase game credits

  1. Go to, choose the amount and enter your email address then click next.

  2. Enter your U Mobile number and click next.

  3. You will receive a PIN for your purchase via SMS.

  4. Enter the PIN to complete your purchase.

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